Thursday, 24 February 2011

I woke up this morning
feeling so tired
I woke up this morning
looking for clothes I hired
Then I remembered, Oh no what a dope
I've gone and left them on the slope.

Weather was snowy
All our cheeks were glowie
snow was falling all around
thought we were in santas grotto land
skiing today caused staff to pray
As the skiers could not see their way

Hatton keeps moaning
moaning, moaning, moaning
skiing so hard and he's really groaning
the boys were falling behind and tiring
but a new female ski instructor
was the method for reviving!!!!

Teachers are fantastic, especially the blokes
during apres ski there's plenty of jokes
they check our rooms every night
then Brownie gave Miss Thomas a fright
Mrs Pearce is our Italian gran
and Sergio Berlusconi's biggest fan.

A great time has been had by all
even though we've all had a fall
we love the time we've had
but we really miss mum & dad.
We cannot wait to see you on Sunday
then its back to school, Oh no, on Monday.

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