Thursday, 24 February 2011

I woke up this morning
feeling so tired
I woke up this morning
looking for clothes I hired
Then I remembered, Oh no what a dope
I've gone and left them on the slope.

Weather was snowy
All our cheeks were glowie
snow was falling all around
thought we were in santas grotto land
skiing today caused staff to pray
As the skiers could not see their way

Hatton keeps moaning
moaning, moaning, moaning
skiing so hard and he's really groaning
the boys were falling behind and tiring
but a new female ski instructor
was the method for reviving!!!!

Teachers are fantastic, especially the blokes
during apres ski there's plenty of jokes
they check our rooms every night
then Brownie gave Miss Thomas a fright
Mrs Pearce is our Italian gran
and Sergio Berlusconi's biggest fan.

A great time has been had by all
even though we've all had a fall
we love the time we've had
but we really miss mum & dad.
We cannot wait to see you on Sunday
then its back to school, Oh no, on Monday.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Day 5

Another eventful day on the slopes for everyoneeee.
the advanced group hit a few black runs and spent the majority of the day taking on the mogles. after numerous falls and losing ski's several times, we all made it down to the bottom. Josh managed to wipe out Jack, while Benji fell flat on his face after being cocky about his skiing ability.
The beginners started off hitting the blue slopes after being given free reign of the runs. they then moved onto learning new techniques; like parallel stops and turns. towards the end they moved towards the steeper blue runs which caused a domino effect fall within the group. miss pearce did a classic fall, with arms and legs flying everywhere; which lead on to others falling. well done to miss pearce for starting the pile up.
we've just come back from the disco which was good fun, but eventful to say the least.
overall, another good day in italy, bring on the rest of the week :)
naomi & charlotte x

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Yet another briliant day skiing! Snowed first thing but sunny in the afternoon enough to get a sun tan. Everyone has made some progress from the beginners to the advanced groups. Bradley got moved to the advanced group today by mistake but managed to hold his own within the group. Todays 'prizes for incompetence' went to Mark Bickerdick for mixing the date for the time, Ellie Thorne for spataculator crashing infront of many people and Jo Darby for falling repeatedly into the drag lift lane - we were asked to move to a safer location because of this.

This evening we had a well deserved pizza with ham in a traditional pizzeria 10 km down the road, then for desert we went back to Courmayeur for tasty ice cream in the Gellateria. Bradley particularly enjoyed the pizza. Back to the hotel and all before 8 pm. It's now 9 pm and the students are already back in their rooms - tired out from all that skiing and pizza!

Tomorrow night we have a disco at La Thuille oraganised for us with 4 other schools one of which is Oldbury Wells School from Bridgnorth.

Believe it or not some students are actually revising for their exams! Amazingly conscientious!

Love from all of us.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Hi all

Really good start to the week, everyones survived the first day's skiing with only some minor aches and pains. Weather has been fantastic today but very cold and cloudy yesterday. Journey here was long but comfortable; we arrived here at 11.30

Students have been great and they have settled in well and as staff we have been impressed with their effort so far. Off for pancakes after dinner tonight and tomorrow we're having a night of pizza/ice cream followed by karoke.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Time to go, hope you're all ready for the coach journey.

Weather in Courmayeur is fantastic; fresh snow on the ground and the outlook is for more as well as sunny days.

Thank you Mums & Dads for your support and please keep viewing this blog as it will grow daily.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Two weeks to go and you should now be getting your kit together. Remember you can take one suit case and one backpack, the coach has limited luggage space. In you backpack you should take something to eat and drink in packaging / containers that can be thrown away. Buying food at service stations or on the ferry will prove very expensive. You should take your phone and mp3 player, medication, pillow and ski socks. You will need your ski socks because as soon as we arrive in resort you will go straight to Ski Fit to get your skis and boots. I would suggest that you take English money and Euros but keep the majority in your suitcase. If you have any DVD's that are appropriate to watch you may bring them but please ensure you label them with your name. Please wear your ski trip hoody and remember the more you take the more you have to carry.

Staff will take the pasports, EHIC, Ski pass and you will be issued these as and when you need them

Friday, 17 December 2010

A few points.

Not many weeks now till we go skiing so it's important that all students attend any ski meeting held in school or you will miss out on vital information as well as being able to make any personal choices. Mr Walker and I have now completed the paperwork and that includes your ski lesson groups. Our final bit of organisation is the rooming which will be done early February.

Snowco have said that we qualify for free ski helmets so I'm looking into that because, as you know, everyone will wear a helmet. Those of you who have ordered a helmet should have a refund but I will let you know asap.

Final payment for the trip is due in as soon as we return to school. We have to pay the final balance by the 7th January which has already been extended due to our late start. Please do not be late.

Happy Christmas.