Thursday, 3 February 2011

Two weeks to go and you should now be getting your kit together. Remember you can take one suit case and one backpack, the coach has limited luggage space. In you backpack you should take something to eat and drink in packaging / containers that can be thrown away. Buying food at service stations or on the ferry will prove very expensive. You should take your phone and mp3 player, medication, pillow and ski socks. You will need your ski socks because as soon as we arrive in resort you will go straight to Ski Fit to get your skis and boots. I would suggest that you take English money and Euros but keep the majority in your suitcase. If you have any DVD's that are appropriate to watch you may bring them but please ensure you label them with your name. Please wear your ski trip hoody and remember the more you take the more you have to carry.

Staff will take the pasports, EHIC, Ski pass and you will be issued these as and when you need them

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